A Collaborative Work of the Northwest Air Quality Agencies


Checklist for Action

  • Evaluate your resources – how much additional help will you need in terms of people, time and funding
  • Contact local organizations such as PTA or PTSA for support
  • CHOOSE A PLAN based on your goals and resources
  • Identify and recruit schools
  • Determine dates, create a timeline with deadlines
  • Decide if incentives from local businesses will be a part of the program; if yes, then recruit local businesses to support the program
  • Recruit monitors
  • Assemble materials for the schools – teacher packets, fact sheets, etc.
  • Assemble materials for monitors – clipboards, stop watches, measurement forms
  • Assemble materials for the transportation and delivery driver outreach
  • Create signage and key tags (if applicable)
  • Decide on a media campaign (depending on available resources)
  • Distribute materials
  • Evaluate results
  • Prepare and distribute thank you notes and letters