A Collaborative Work of the Northwest Air Quality Agencies

Outdoor Burning

Burning garbage is illegal just about everywhere in the Pacific Northwest and has been for many years. Burning of yard waste and land-clearing debris is also banned in a number of areas, particularly in and around urban areas.

Smoke from burning leaves and wood may seem harmless, but it’s as dangerous as cigarette smoke, and can lead to birth defects, cancers and lung diseases. Children are most vulnerable to the fine particles in smoke that permeates homes, yards and schools. Though most people have stopped burning garbage because it’s illegal and can carry large fines, many continue to burn yard waste, not realizing the damage it can do.

Advertising Campaign

The NW Air Quality Communicators group produced a coordinated education package focused on the health risks associated with outdoor burning.  These are the supporting materials.

11″ x 17″ color poster

Outdoor Burning Poster (PDF – 0.2MB)

Outdoor Burning and  Health, 30-sec. TV spot

81.MB .mpg file

Alternatives to Burning

Local healthy alternatives

For clean, healthy alternatives available in your area, click on your county in the following list:

NOTE: Residents of Indian Reservations, click here

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