A Collaborative Work of the Northwest Air Quality Agencies

One site for state-wide Burn Ban Information

With multiple clean air agencies and fire districts calling burn bans throughout the year in Washington state, keeping track of current burn restrictions could be difficult. Until now.

With the support of all those air agencies and fire districts, the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) launched a new centralized state-wide Burn Ban website,

This site provides real-time details on a county-by-county basis of all burn bans in Washington state, whether they are called during the summer for fire-safety reason, or in the cooler months to protect air quality.

The site opens with a large Washington state map front and center. Visitors may simply click on any county on the map to find the current burn ban information for that county. Or they can go the “Recent Burn Bans” tab on the top menu bar to see a list of all bans called in chronological order, newest first.

The site also provides contact and direct link information for all the local and state air agencies as well as cities, counties and fire districts supporting the cooperative site.

The site should be a helpful tool for the public, for other government agencies, and for the media, helping them stay abreast of current conditions and restrictions.

For additional information, visit or call (360) 539-7610.

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